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Brian Murphy from Atlas Heating and Cooling came to my building to diagnose an AC problem. He told me I needed a whole new unit after using some equipment to test the compressor pressure.

The unit was less than 6 years old so that was a bit of red flag. He quoted me a price of $6k for a new 4 ton unit(no mention of the brand or seer rating initially). The whole experience seemed very sales pitchy. His comments about my apartment and car made me feel like he was going to jack the price.

Although he seemed nice, my gut told me not to trust him.

I was able to find the number of the guy who actually installed the AC units 6 years ago after Brian Murphy from Atlas left. The original installer was not from Atlas. (I didn't call him originally because I didn't have his number at that time.) He came out today and fixed some little piece in the compressor for $150. The unit is working fine now.

In summary, Atlas wanted $6,000 for a problem that was diagnosed and fixed in under an hour for $150. Don't trust these guys.

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June 26, 2014

by anonymous

I should have seen these comments before my units ( outdoor & indoor ) went. I had them as my service contractors.

The prior owner had had them so I stayed with them. I had my units serviced twice a year and I never really had a problem. They replaced my outdoor unit first, but it was not until they replaced my indoor unit that the problems started. They have been out many times.

After reading the comments, I feel ripped off and taken advantage of and even question if I needed new units. I will NEVER suggest them to any of my neighbors and they HAVE asked.

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